It’s V8 vs. V8. Mano a mano. It’s Marvel vs. DC. I’ll tell you right now, though, the Mercedes sounds miles better than the high-strung V8 of the BMW.


Land Cruiser, 4Runner, G-Class — guess which one makes it to the top. Enjoy.


While the CLA Shooting Brake won’t be as fast as the E63 AMG Wagon, Mercedes-Benz will offer an AMG version with 360 horsepower. However, there are no plans to bring this lovely little wagon over to the States, which kind of sucks.

wagen vs supra

Tug-of-war between a drift-spec Supra and a bone-stock Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Oh, I can’t begin to guess who’s going to win. Yeah right.

Mercedes-Benz CL600 Slider

This is forum member “Kamilclk430′s” CL600. It has an angry mob’s-worth of horsepower, two turbos, a V12, and will run the quarter-mile in around 10 seconds. It also looks unbelievably sinister, and right now it’s for sale.

Mercedes at LA Auto Show Featured

The Mercedes-Maybach S600 isn’t going to set the world on fire. It will just throw it in the sauna.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Featured

Click the image above for a logo-free version of this week’s weekly wallpaper featuring the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

AMG Mercedes-Benz 300E 5.6 (W124) Featured

Here is one stare-worthy classic Benz: the AMG Mercedes-Benz 300E 5.6 (W124). Click the image after the jump for a logo-free version of this week’s Wednesday wallpaper.


Kleemann modified the turbos, upgraded the ECU, added a better flowing exhaust system, increased the size of the intercoolers, and did a whole host of other subtle changes. The effect? 850 horsepower and 970 lb-ft of torque. Brilliant!


Thankfully, there’s no shortage of videos of E55s absolutely spanking some of the most pricey supercars on the planet.