c63amg vs lexus lfa

Nitto’s “Battle of the Streets” bracket is full of supercars, muscles cars, and European exotics, all going head to head on the streets of L.A. Fortunately, we can deem this a valid competition, because they’ve included a Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series.


Brabus is known for their ridiculous builds, but this Brabus 850 Biturbo Coupe takes the cake: she’s supposedly the fastest and most powerful all-wheel drive coupe in the world.


Mercedes has finally dropped the curtain on the new 4×4 version of the company’s 6×6 version of the 4×4 G63. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything.

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The Mercedes-Maybach S600 has been getting a lot of attention lately, but let’s not forget about the Pullman. It’ll be joined by its much smaller brother, the C-Class Plug-In Hybrid, at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.


Speaking at this year’s NAIAS in Detroit, Mercedes North American CEO, Steve Cannon, stated that the Maybach nameplate could be put onto an E-Class in the near future.


Whatever happened to the concept of concept cars looking awesome? Why do all the new concept “Cars of the Future” look like radioactive fish that live at the bottom of the oceans, never seeing the light of day?

A Maybach SUV could be coming very soon, according to rumors spurred on by Mercedes Benz boss, Dr. Dieter Zetsche, while at the Detroit auto show.

Jurassic World Benz

Mercedes collaborated with the ‘Jurassic World’ creators and showcased some of the company’s coolest vehicles, including the insane 6×6 G63 and the GLE Coupe. Well, kind of.

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Fast and fastest. There’s a word that goes between those two: faster. That’s what the 2016 C450 AMG 4MATIC is going to be, relative to the C400.


Not only is Mercedes-Benz taking on the BMW X6, it’s taking on the high-performance X6 M. Say “hello” to the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GLE63 S Coupe 4Matic.