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Would You Rather Have a Mercedes AMG GT or a Watch?


Goldgenie’s first iWatch will cost you a staggering $163,000, or enough money to buy a Mercedes AMG GT.

  Comments | By - April 13, 2015

Which is the Best Color for Your Ride?

lunar blue

Sometimes it seems that there are only three colors ever actually chosen by new car buyers: Black, Silver, and White. However, due to its rarity among Mercs, one color particularly stands out: Lunar Blue Metallic.

  Comments | By - January 6, 2015

Is AIRMATIC Worth It on the W205 C-Class?


Personally, I’ve found the AIRMATIC suspension to be highly superior to the regular steel springs, but then again, I’m not paying the bill when the air suspension goes kaput.

  Comments | By - January 6, 2015

Rev Battle/Screaming Match: A Hellcat vs. an S65


The Americans and the Germans are at it again. This time, thankfully, it’s not over the skies of Poland, but in a Malibu parking garage. The following video shows a rev battle between Mercedes’ newest biturbo V12-powered S65 AMG and a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Watch it after the jump.

  Comments | By - December 31, 2014

Found in the Forum: Long-Term 2015 C300 Review

C-Class Featured

Sometimes, the best auto journalists are you guys, the people in the forum that actually make enough money to buy the models we writers desire. We test the cars, but we usually do so over such a short period of time that it’s difficult to discover the true nature and character of each vehicle. Thankfully, we have dudes such as StanNH in the forum. After the jump, find out more about his long-term review of his 2015 C300.

  Comments | By - December 31, 2014

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