Daimler and Tesla Partnership Featured

It’s a big sell-off, but the two automakers will continue to operate as “technological partners.” This means Daimler will keep reaping the tech benefits Tesla has to offer.


The AMG-engine partnership had many wondering if Daimler would buy a controlling stake in Aston Martin. Will that actually happen? Nope.

Mercedes-Benz-S500-Plug-in-Hybrid Featured

Ze Germans are on ze war path once again! Although this time it isn’t through Poland. It’s through Toyota.

Auto_Unon_1937 Featured

Auto Union and Mercedes-Benz: a rivalry that triggered the age of titans.

MBZ-Innovation Featured

Mercedes-Benz has always been on the leading edge of automotive innovations. The future will be no different.


Some auto journalists are speculating that Daimler is considering an outright purchase of Aston Martin, the only car maker in the world not under the umbrella of a larger company.

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Mercedes has been known to be at the forefront of advancing automotive technologies since its inception. The company has been heaped with dozens of “firsts” over the years, ranging from safety innovations to performance innovations.


Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes, has once again increased its stake in Aston Martin to a total of 5 percent. We’ve known for a while that Mercedes has been helping Aston. What isn’t clear is where this partnership is heading.


Earlier today on our sister site 6SpeedOnline, we posted a petition for the revision of the United States’ inane 25-year import car ban. One thing that wasn’t said was who in the industry helped push it. That would be Mercedes.

C-Class Featured

Earlier this week, Chinese regulators went into MB’s offices to investigate “monopolistic behavior,” whatever the hell that means.