G-Wagen vs Tractor Slider

I’m not sure how this video hasn’t won “sketchiest tug of war ever,” but it really should. Here we have what appears to be a normal day in some former Eastern Bloc country, where some of the locals decided to see which had more power, a G-Wagen or a tractor.


Some automotive writers got the chance to drive the 2015 C-Class recently. During their day spent with reps from the company, they were able to glean some information on what’s due to happen for the C-Class product line in the next few years.


The 2015 Mercedes-Benz ML-Class lineup will see two new engines. This move was made in order to reduce engine displacement and increase fuel economy. Both engines will be twin-turbocharged.

08 Sep 2014

Schwarzenegger Unimog Featured

GET TO DA UNIMOG! Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Unimog is for sale.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Track Battle Slider

Any time a conversation moves to the Sprinter van, my ears perk up. If that conversation moves to a Sprinter van track battle, a lot more than my ears perk up.


{Source: Autoblog} “The E250 also serves as a replacement for the lovable, V6-powered E350 Bluetec.” Yup, you read that right. The big sedan with its little 2.1 Turbo-Diesel power plant is currently set to replace the highly touted V6 turbo diesel option of the E Series. As the editors of Autoblog point out in their […]


This six-strong fleet of 1987 Mercedes-Benz Unimogs is for sale … yes, the entire fleet can be yours for $200,000. They are also for sale individually, but imagine how cool it would be to have your very own fleet of Unimogs. Imagine making this Unimog fleet a Christmas present for a loved one. You’d never […]


With EPA-estimated fuel economy of 28 mpg city/45 mpg highway (27/42 city/highway with 4MATIC) not only is the 2014 Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTEC the least expensive E-Class to run, but it is also the least-expensive E-Class to buy at $52,325, undercutting the 2014 E350 by $500. Sitting in the E-Class lineup as the entry-level model should […]

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Featured

A typical comparison test would have pitted the Mercedes-Benz S-Class against direct rivals like the BMW 7 Series and Jaguar XJ. This Auto Express comparison is a bit different. It compares the S-Class only to one direct rival (the Audi A8) and one cross-shop rival (the Land Rover Range Rover). The Audi A8 represents the S-Class’ […]

2002 Mercedes-Benz G500 Pickup Truck Featured

I could have titled this post, “Would You Buy a Mercedes-Benz Pickup?” That would have been too easy. Ask a question like that, and the answer would be a near-unanimous “yes”. Besides, Mercedes-Benz already builds some fantastic weapons for the end of the world pickups. Check out this Mercedes-Benz Unimog Black Edition. It is the […]