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MBWorld’s W211 AMG Owners Go to 11


The AMG community is stacked with high-rollers and baby-strollers, but they all have one thing in common: a big hand-built Benz engine waiting to lay down rubber.

  Comments | By - December 23, 2015

Mr. Regular Drives the 2000 Mercedes SLK230 Kompressor

Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 Kompressor

2000 Mercedes SLK230 Kompressor ever piqued your interest? Mr. Regular conducts his review.

  Comments | By - September 11, 2015

Update: This CL600 is Still One Bad Ride

Mercedes-Benz CL600

This is forum member “Kamilclk430’s” CL600. It has an angry mob’s-worth of horsepower, two turbos, a V12, and will run the quarter-mile in around 10 seconds. It also looks unbelievably sinister.

  Comments | By - August 6, 2015

E55 vs CTS-V in Epic Drag Race Showdown


Watch as an E55 AMG spanks a new CTS-V with a serious whack of comeuppance.

  Comments | By - April 29, 2015

Should I Get an E55 AMG?


At first, I was looking for something with a GM V8…until a buddy of mine pulled up in his CLK55 AMG. After a ride in that, I knew what I had to look for: an AMG. Right now, I’m still looking, but the following video caught my eye, or rather, my ear.

  Comments | By - February 11, 2015

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