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Update: This CL600 is Still One Bad Ride

Mercedes-Benz CL600

This is forum member “Kamilclk430’s” CL600. It has an angry mob’s-worth of horsepower, two turbos, a V12, and will run the quarter-mile in around 10 seconds. It also looks unbelievably sinister.

  Comments | By - August 6, 2015

E55 vs CTS-V in Epic Drag Race Showdown


Watch as an E55 AMG spanks a new CTS-V with a serious whack of comeuppance.

  Comments | By - April 29, 2015

Should I Get an E55 AMG?


At first, I was looking for something with a GM V8…until a buddy of mine pulled up in his CLK55 AMG. After a ride in that, I knew what I had to look for: an AMG. Right now, I’m still looking, but the following video caught my eye, or rather, my ear.

  Comments | By - February 11, 2015

World’s Fastest E63S Demolishes the Half-Mile


There is fast, and then there is “Holy Space Balls I’m Moving Entirely Too Fast for My Mind to Conceive” fast. Or in other words: going plaid. This Weistec E63S is definitely the latter.

  Comments | By - January 19, 2015

Swapped: Classic Mercedes Gets 1JZ Power Surge

1JZ mercedes

Some old Mercs fall short in the engine department. Sure, the engine will never die, but that’s because you’ll practically be standing still. This swap fixes all that.

  Comments | By - January 5, 2015

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