Mercedes-Benz CL600 Slider

This is forum member “Kamilclk430′s” CL600. It has an angry mob’s-worth of horsepower, two turbos, a V12, and will run the quarter-mile in around 10 seconds. It also looks unbelievably sinister, and right now it’s for sale.

2005 Mercedes-Benz C55 AMG Wrecked Featured

The engine was forced upwards, and the dash and steering rack were officially rendered “screwed up”. Essentially, it’s dead. Join us in a moment of silence.

Pagani Zonda R Slider

The best possible way to modify your old Mercedes? Turn it into a Zonda.

Burnt E55 AMG

Poor, unfortunate “pugads650″. He took his E55 to a garage for “a new supercharger bearing belt and miss fire [sic] issue.” It was misfiring, all right – starting in the passenger-side footwell.


Forum member Al93 is wondering if he can put an LS1 into his 2004 six-speed-manual C230 Kompressor. In his words, “I’m thinking about doing an LS1 swap to get a little more power on this car.” “A little more”? Al93, if you just want a little more power, drop in a Gen-I L98. Joking aside, let’s see what […]


So I’ve been bingeing on the Japanese Anime, Initial D. The show features a Toyota Sprinter Trueno, or, more commonly known as an AE86. In the show, the “8-6” is driven to the many prefectures of Japan and raced on mountain pass courses against other Japanese domestics. The show has a heavy dose of drift […]

The W204 Series Mercedes-Benz released the latest C-Class in January 2007. The most recent Mercedes-Benz C-Class offers the four-door sedan or the five-door estate. Unlike any of its predecessors, the new C-Class has four trim models: AMG, Avantgarde, Classic, and Elegance.

Almost a century after introducing its first car, the world-renowned prestigious automakers Mercedes-Benz, debuted its first C-Class car, the 190. The car was universally referred to as the “compact class,” but was not officially named the C-Class until 1993 with the introduction of the second C-Class cars. The main differences between the C-Class and its […]