If the 600 Grosser limousine is the “Most Mercedes” Mercedes, what would be its runner-up? It would be this: the 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe (W196).

Mercedes-Benz 600 (W100) Prototype (Seemingly Edsel-Inspired) Featured

We’ve discussed at length how the Mercedes-Benz 600 Grosser limousine is the “Most Mercedes” Mercedes, but would that be the case if it had looked like this?

1997 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Featured

If this thing had racing gauges and an exterior devoid of CLK elements, I would care about it less than Wile E. Coyote cares about The Road Runner’s well-being.

Auto_Unon_1937 Featured

Auto Union and Mercedes-Benz: a rivalry that triggered the age of titans.

MBZ-Innovation Featured

Mercedes-Benz has always been on the leading edge of automotive innovations. The future will be no different.

Mercedes-Benz Crash Testing (Side-Impact) Slider

Mercedes-Benz has been a technological leader since its inception more than 100 years ago. If there’s been an advance in the auto industry over the last century, you can rest assured that Stuttgart engineers had a hand in developing it.

Benz_Patent_Motorwagen_Engine Featured

Mercedes has been known to be at the forefront of advancing automotive technologies since its inception. The company has been heaped with dozens of “firsts” over the years, ranging from safety innovations to performance innovations.


The Mecum auctions are some of the year’s best chances to get your hands on a classic Mercedes-Benz. This year’s auction is no exception. Here are three fine examples from the Stuttgart company.


Earlier today on our sister site 6SpeedOnline, we posted a petition for the revision of the United States’ inane 25-year import car ban. One thing that wasn’t said was who in the industry helped push it. That would be Mercedes.

1974-Mercedes-Benz-600-Four-Door-Pullman-Limousine-W100 Featured

The “Pullman” we showed you yesterday ain’t a Pullman. This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday car … now that’s a Pullman.