Set to officially debut next week at the New York International Auto Show, the new AMG GLE63 and GLE63 S are some of the most powerful AMGs ever put out by Mercedes.

6x6 mercedes

This Russian G63 knockoff is called a Makar, and it is perhaps the most ridiculous automobile on the planet, powered by vodka and the tears of children.

mercedes benz instagram

To honor social-media’s commitment to the tangential and evocative, here are some of the best shots from the Mercedes Instagram feed.

tdi tuning

If you don’t know TDI-Tuning, then you definitely should, because for the money, it’s the cheapest way to get more horsepower out of your favorite AMGs.

mercedes maybach s600

Maybach is back with a vengeance with the new 2015 Merecedes Maybach S600, as highlighted in MotorTrend’s latest Ignition episode.

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman

Mercedes-Benz is bringing Maybach back with a vengeance. In fact, it’s included the name in a new sub-brand: Mercedes-Maybach. There’s now another model in that portfolio: the Pullman S600.

seat bleeding

Remember a few months back when all those Mercedes MB-Tex seats were bleeding? We thought we had heard the end of it. Unfortunately, we were wrong.

We’ve got a few more juicy rumors about Mercedes’s plans to add a Maybach SUV into the mix.

Mercedes-AMG-GT-Edition 1 Featured

Here we have one of the first real reviews of the new Mercedes-AMG GT by the folks over at Drive.com.au or, in other words, the Australians. Inevitably, there are beers, kangaroos, koalas, beers, fist fights, venomous snakes, and women with some of the best accents around in the following video.


When Mercedes announced that it would be developing the AMG Sport Line, it’s safe to say that pretty much everyone with a full-on AMG was a bit ticked.