It’s safe to say the upcoming S63 AMG Coupe is already a motivator. I can just hear people hustling to put in their orders for it at dealerships around the world. Its roadster sibling, the SL63, will be exercising so that it tops its corporate sibling’s output by creating 585 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque for the 2015 model year.


Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin have been getting pretty comfortable recently. First there was news that AMG would lend their engines to Aston Martin. That’s unusual, but not unheard of. AMG is pretty spectacular at what they do, so I don’t think anyone is worrying about Aston Martin’s performance capabilities… Well, at least not yet. This […]

1954-MercedesBenz-300SL-AMG-Restomod slider

If a major manufacturer modernized their own classic car, does that really count as a restomod? Or is that just a new version of the old car? Whatever you want to call it, Mercedes did it to eleven 300 SLs. They’re the only gullwings in the world with modern components put together by AMG, which […]

11 Mar 2014

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (R 129, 1989 bis 2001), erste Generation (1989 bis 1995).

Whenever I watch television from the 1980s, I almost always end up saying, “Ugh … the clothing from back then looks awful!”  (I’m talking about you, “Golden Girls”!)  Couple loud colors and big shoulder pads with puffy, teased hairstyles, and the Reagan era comes across as an optical atrocity.  Some of the cars of the […]


Let me just get this out the way first: I’m hopelessly, unconditionally in love with the SL65 AMG Black Series. The car could’ve killed my whole family and all I would be able to do is wag my finger and say “oh you rascal, you!” It’s not rational. I know this, but I can’t help […]

Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing

Owner says, “It gets driven often. It’s driven hard.” When the owner of this Mercedes-Benz 300SL was 10 years old, he assembled a plastic model of a Gullwing Benz and said to himself, “Someday I’m going to have one of these things.” Thirty years later, his dreams became a reality, and the folks at eGarage have […]

2013 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG

The Mercedes-Benz SL550, SL63 AMG and SL65 AMG are being recalled for an occupant classification system malfunction. The system may fail to detect a lightweight person sitting in the front passenger seat. As a result, the passenger-side airbag may not deploy when necessary. Approximately 130 cars built from January 16 through April 30, 2013 are […]


Winter is knocking on our door. Temperatures are dropping, holiday shoppers are scrambling, and Christmas music is irritating. Winter also means fewer convertibles appearing on the highways and byways of the Northern Hemisphere. To hold you over during convertible-slump season, we’re featuring a Mercedes-Benz SL-Class in this edition of Photos of the Week. These shots […]


Get a load of this: Mercedes-Benz tuner HWA AG has decided to take three 300SL Gullwings and make “special editions” out of them. First they rip out the Gullwing’s historically significant, 212-horsepower direct-injected SOHC inline-six, and replace it with a 381-horsepower AMG 6.0L V8. That’s a bit sacrilegious, but forgivable. Then HWA throws on a […]


Take a look at this Mercedes-Benz SL-Class rendering. Do you fancy this shooting brake, or is it a broken shot at a good design? WorldCarFans says it could be an interesting competitor to the Ferrari FF. I agree it would be an interesting competitor, albeit an ugly one. Currently there are no production plans for […]