If you love pissing off your neighbors then this catless C63 is the right car for you.

2008 CLS

This monstrous CLS is what happens when you are mislead into believing that you have taste in body kits.


This is why you don’t tailgate behind an SLS AMG.


Brabus is known for their ridiculous builds, but this Brabus 850 Biturbo Coupe takes the cake: she’s supposedly the fastest and most powerful all-wheel drive coupe in the world.

e63 vs huracan

Lamborghini’s new Huracan is a fire-breathing beast, but can she keep up with a grocery getting Mercedes E63 AMG?

Mercedes CLS 55 AMG

What happens when you bring together a Mercedes CLS 55 AMG, a C63 AMG, and the Autobahn? Pure aural pleasure, that’s what.


A tuned Mercedes E55 AMG takes on a Mitsubishi Evo X FQ-400, Europe’s more powerful Evo, the one we never got in the States, the one that likes to eat Lamborghini’s for lunch.


This drag race, pitting a tuned Nissan 300ZX against a tuned E55 AMG, is just another reason we’re falling deeply in love with the E55 AMG.


At first, I was looking for something with a GM V8…until a buddy of mine pulled up in his CLK55 AMG. After a ride in that, I knew what I had to look for: an AMG. Right now, I’m still looking, but the following video caught my eye, or rather, my ear.


If you don’t understand why we all need a super-tuned E55 AMG, this video is required watching.