CLA Gets Ute-ified

One car designer decided that the little CLA desperately needed to become a pickup truck.

weistec cla

Weistec is turning the already formidable CLA45, GLA45, and A45 AMGs into weapons of mass horsepower.


One of our visionary MBWorld forum members shows you exactly how to tastefully upgrade your C400.

Wimmer Mercedes C63 AMG

This is the Wimmer Mercedes C63 AMG and it’s the coolest wagon out there right now. And that’s not just 650hp talking. Okay, yes it is.


This C63 is Weistec’s Stage 3 system, which includes a supercharger, Bulletproof Transmission, trunk ice tank system, and Weistec built engine. And you won’t believe how fast it does the quarter mile.

c63 amg mercedes

One of our MB World forum members gets the most out of a GAD modified Mercedes AMG C63 Black Series.

tdi tuning

If you don’t know TDI-Tuning, then you definitely should, because for the money, it’s the cheapest way to get more horsepower out of your favorite AMGs.

mercedes exhaust mods

Straight pipes, cat deletes, X-pipes and more can make things confusing to even the most experienced buyer. So what is a complete exhaust mod newbie to do?

c63 amg

Everyone’s favorite plucky Brit, Monky London, feels like the 6.2-liter V8 in his C63 AMG could use a touch of work, so he heads off to MSL for a new exhaust and a tune.


If you love pissing off your neighbors then this catless C63 is the right car for you.