brabus 700

Here we have one of the best videos we’ve found that showcases the Brabus 6×6; the badass big brother to the Mercedes G63. Just listen to this beast roar when it drowns out a Ferrari 458 Italia.


There is fast, and then there is “Holy Space Balls I’m Moving Entirely Too Fast for My Mind to Conceive” fast. Or in other words: going plaid. This Weistec E63S is definitely the latter.

dual exhaust

One of our ingenious forum members wanted badly to switch from a single exit exhaust to dual tips on his C200. Here’s what he did about it.

seat bleeding

This week, a few of our forum members started to see stains and residue bleeding through their new C-Class seats. Mercedes is now aware of the situation and replacement parts are already being shipped to dealers.


AMS Performance’s Alpha 7 E63 4MATIC has more horsepower than most people know what to do with. And it runs 10s!

1JZ mercedes

Some old Mercs fall short in the engine department. Sure, the engine will never die, but that’s because you’ll practically be standing still. This swap fixes all that.

C63 AMG Featured

Sweet mother of Thor. What you’re about to hear is a car fit to be called a hammer. It’s obviously a Mercedes C63 AMG. However, it differs from most other C63s in that it’s fitted with long tube headers that make it sound as if it’s a race car on PCP. After the jump, give it a listen.

brabus 6x6

To celebrate their own ostentatiousness, Brabus has decided that what the G63 6×6 needs isn’t two less wheels, but rather Red Carbon Fiber on some of the exterior surfaces of the massive truck.


God gargling with boulders? No. Thor on a drunken bender blasting death metal in the clouds? Nope. Angry lions and tigers with bionic vocal cords? Not even close. No, that noise you’re hearing is from a catless Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, and it’s brutal.

mansory_mb_s-klasse-rear - Featured

Mansory, surprisingly, didn’t go all freaky with the M1000, which is based on the new Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, and left the exterior rather subdued. That’s a good thing because there’s 1,000 horsepower under the hood, making this sedan one of the best sleepers ever.