Mercedes Insurance - Mercedes E 350 Car Insurance Rates in California by Zip Code
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Auto Insurance Quotes for your Dodge
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Mercedes E 350 Car Insurance Rates in California by Zip Code

Checking out car insurance rates for your new Mercedes E 350? Live in California? Here are some sample car insurance rates for a few of the most populous cities in the Golden State:

  • (Beverly Hills) 90210: $210-$245/month
  • (Los Angeles) 90011: $210-$250/month
  • (W. Los Angeles) 90025: $175-$205/month
  • (Fresno) 93725: $185-$220/month
  • (San Francisco) 94102: $180-$210/month
  • (San Jose) 95148: $170-$200/month
  • (Bakersfield) 93263: $150-$175/month
  • (Costa Mesa) 92626: $140-$165/month
  • (San Diego) 92137: $140-$170/month
  • (Redding) 96003: $135-$160/month
  • (Yreka) 96097: $125-$150/month
  • (San Luis Obispo) 93402:$115-$135/month

Since the Mercedes Benz E 350 is a high end luxury vehicle, your monthly car insurance payments are definitely going to be higher than on your average sedan. Even with that as a given, E Class owners in certain regions can end up paying significantly less per month for their insurance than others.

Although your driving record has a significant impact on the car insurance quote that you receive, where you live can also play a role in your insurance costs. “Why does my Zip code affect my car insurance rates?” you ask. Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Crime: If you live (and park your car) in an area with a large amount of crime, insurance companies figure that you have a higher likelihood of having your car stolen or damaged. Having your car parked in an enclosed garage can help reduce this exposure.
  • Uninsured Drivers: Since car insurance companies usually have to pay for damages caused by uninsured drivers, areas with a great concentration of uninsured (or underinsured) drivers will cost All the drivers in the area extra money.
  • Teenagers: Since teen drivers statistically have a higher accident rate, areas with a large amount of teen drivers usually have higher insurance rates.
  • Credit Score: These days, insurance companies are increasingly using driver’s credit scores as a way to help judge their risk. People in areas with low median incomes tend to have lower credit scores overall – meaning higher premiums.
  • State Laws: Depending on the state you live in, your car insurance company may be affected by different laws regarding things such as liability limits, jury trials and accident settlements. These laws can often mean much higher payouts from insurance companies – causing them to raise rates for all drivers in the state.

Although it may seem unfair to have your car insurance costs affected by something as simple as where you live, car insurance companies are forced to do complex risk calculations in order to maximize their profits and protect against risk. By understanding some of the reasons behind these calculations, you can have a better picture of what you may end up paying for car insurance on your new E 350.

(Note: All of the sample quotes in the above examples were calculated using the following general criteria: Single Male, 30 years of age, no tickets - trying to insure a 2009 Mercedes E 350 with$50,000/$100,000 Bodily Insurance Coverage, $50,000 Property Damage Coverage and a $500 deductible)


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