125 years of Mercedes-Benz on 12 calendar pages

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How do will you celebrate your 125th birthday? Let’s see… how about giving your loved ones a very special calendar? That’s nice, isn’t it? That’s exactly what Mercedes-Benz is doing for its 125th anniversary. The company has just spread word of the release of a very special calendar through their Mercedes-Benz Musuem Shop as well as online.

Photographer Stuttgart Hans-Peter helped in bringing the calendar into fruition. The said calendar will be featuring special images from the Mercedes-Benz Museum and will be sold for EUR29.90 starting October 15th.

Dubbed as the Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar, it’ll be showcasing the company’s creations throughout its 125 years of existence. The images will be in large format and will be very synonymous with the Mercedes-Benz brand. The branding perspective applied to the calendar hopes to trigger emotions through the blending of Mercedes-Benz vehicle images and the architectural language of the Musuem.


The goal is to capture Mercedes-Benz’s 125-year history in a span of
12 pages. The calendar can also be used perpetually, meaning it can be
used for date reference even beyond 2011.

Of course, you can expect a lot more for Mercedes-Benz’s 125th year
anniversary. The calendar is just the beginning. If we were you, we’d
already be making plans for the Paris Auto Show in October where the
new CLS will be making its debut. See you there!

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