AMG GT R Makes Whopping 650 Horsepower with Simple Tune

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YouTuber Living Life Fast takes the Skoda VRS-custom GT R on the road to experience its power, precision, and pure raw aggression. 

Living Life Fast host Ricky has the opportunity to drive a cherry Skoda VRS-tuned Mercedes-AMG GT R in his latest video. One thing we learn right away is it is hard to find anything negative to say about the GTR. Literally. Yes, it is a beast that performs exceptionally. But, once inside the car, Ricky finds you really can’t hear much above that savage exhaust note.

Ricky meets up with Liam, who is driving the car for its owner. They chat about the specs. The GT R has been tuned by VRS Performance, including a Stage 1 remap. This makes 650 horsepower with about 590 lb.-ft of torque. The AMG carbon packages look very sleek and sporty, and include a very cool carbon fiber rear spoiler. The owner paid about $205,000, very slightly used.

650bhp VRS Tuned AMG GT R

Riding low, the GTR has heft, weighing about 3,500 lbs. The interior of this track-focused car is naturally very sporty, and includes yellow stitching on the black bucket seats, alcantara, leather on the dash. It looks so good.

Ricky says “I can’t wait, man! Let’s do this!”

They head out with Liam driving. The nine-stage traction control really shines, here. We must note though that this car is so mighty, it is really loud and hard to capture all of the conversation. But really, the camera captures the real star: The GTR tearing it up.

“I don’t even know what to talk about,” Rick says. “There’s no imperfections!”

Liam agrees, but does concede that the GTR is not as stellar on wet roads. And that is about it for the downside.

650bhp VRS Tuned AMG GT R

Ricky is thrilled to get his chance behind the wheel. “The drive precision is just heaven. Heaven, man!”

The accuracy blows him away. As does the horsepower. Liam adds that it easily does 0-60 in under 3 1/2 seconds. The weight feels right on the GTR, the steering is precise, responsive. We could watch the GTR all day. And listen to it, this is a beautiful sounding car! Check out the video and let us know what you think of this slice of heaven.

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