A-Class, B-Class Might Get AMG Treatment in a Few Years

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AMG logo 597x390 A Class, B Class Might Get AMG Treatment in a Few Years

We are now quite familiar with the CLS 63 AMG, and we know that the C-Class has its own C 63 AMG trim. But did you ever think that the high-performance division of Mercedes-Benz would also make the move to the lower model classes? Well, AMG’s top man Ola Kaellenius thinks so–just not anytime soon.

As he spoke at the LA Auto Show, he said that AMG might be able to
touch the A-Class and B-Class models sometime within the next 3 or 4
years. There’s not much momentum going for the idea at the present, but
sources say that the AMG division is already working on a smaller
high-performance power plant that might just fit the bill for the
aforementioned lines under the C-Class. Currently, AMG’s smallest engine
is the 5.5L V8 with forced-induction.

In addition to that tidbit, Keallenius pointed out as well that
installing hybrid drivetrains on AMG vehicles is still a bit far off.
That’s because the division will be focusing more on weight reduction.

Make sure you stay tuned to know if and when the brand decides to
give the idea a go. We do love the idea of AMG blood pumping in the
veins of future A-Class subcompacts and B-Class family cars. If nothing
else, that can give more people access to the finer things in life, such
as a high-performance AMG car.

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