AMG and Ducati announce partnership for MotoGP efforts

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Ducati AMG partnership MotoGP 3 597x401 AMG and Ducati announce partnership for MotoGP efforts
Changing from one partner to another normally does not sound good, but the announcement of the AMG and Ducati going into partnership for the Ducati Moto-GP sounds very interesting! Adding more spice to that is Moto-GP nine-time World Champion Valentino Rossi signing up with Ducati! (Wait a minute – does this mean he could be doing some test drives on a silver arrow?) The Italian two-wheel manufacturer is not as big as its main competitors in the Moto-GP but is always near the top to give them a run for their money, hopefully a good move for Rossi!

The partnership could also hinge on for a better market share in
United States for both Mercedes Benz and Ducati. This is to put
reference to the U.S. Kentucky Kid Nicholas “Nicky” Patrick Hayden who
joined Ducati starting on the 2009 Moto-GP Season. Mercedes-Benz AMG
performance division had him along in the LA auto Show with the
announcement of the partnership with Ducati. The financial support and
technology that AMG could bring in the partnership will be a boost for
Ducati in its sights for future Moto-GP championships and improving its
market share in the U.S.

We cannot speculate on how deep-rooted the partnership will go and
for how long it will be. With Mercedes Benz as Ducati’s Official Car
Partner on the 2011 Moto-GP season, only time will tell how strong their
relationship will be. Test drives at selected events for the partners
will create better bonds and should be interesting for all car and
motorcycle racing fans to see.

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