Little Old Lady Runs 11s in her Tuned C63 AMG

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Running a quarter mile in just 11 seconds isn’t an impossible feat for the Mercedes C63 AMG. But seeing this lady do brings a smile to our faces in a way that few other things. Not only does she have an awesome car, but this go-fast-granny can drive like nobody’s business.

A 60-year old woman who adores drag racing is behind the wheels of the super car. You read that right, 60-years old and drag racing. Doesn’t looks like these phrases could be together eh? But yes, in this clip, you can definitely watch this woman who even shared what’s in her Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG before she joined her husband, who I suppose is as old as she (or close?), on the track. The hubby drives a Dodge Viper.

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