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Mercedes-Benz vehicle systems seem to be winning awards left and right. The most recent win involves the Active Brake Assist 2 system on the Actros line of heavy-duty trucks from the German automaker, after the system beat 16 other candidates for the coveted FuturAuto Award.

The system, barely introduced three months ago at Hanover’s
International Motor Show, was awarded the FuturAuto 2011 award in
Brussels. This award is given yearly by Belgian motoring journalists to
recognize innovative and notable developments where vehicle safety,
green technology, fuel economy and comfort level are concerned.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks head honcho Hubertus Troska was present at the
awarding ceremony and cited the system’s contributions to the
improvement of traffic safety. “With this assistance system, which can
now recognise both vehicles moving ahead and stationary obstacles, we
have made our Actros, the world’s safest truck, even safer,” said

The Active Brake Assist 2 system relies on tried and tested radar
technology to detect those aforementioned obstacles. The best thing
about it is that lighting conditions and weather have no effect on the
system. Even if the system is unable to prevent 100 percent of all
accidents, it can slow down the vehicle enough to reduce the speed upon
impact and thus keep damage and injury to a minimum.

This award follows the Yellow Angel awards given to Mercedes-Benz’s
other safety systems, the Active Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane
Keeping Assist. It’s nice to see the automaker’s dedication to improving
the overall safety on the vehicles it produces, from the most compact
sedan to the largest freight truck.

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