All Future C-Class Models to Come with Hybrid Tech

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c class 597x395 All Future C Class Models to Come with Hybrid Tech

According to sources from Mercedes-Benz, all models in the automaker’s upcoming C-Class vehicles will possess hybrid technology. This is a bold move that is in line with the company’s aim to lower the average fuel consumption on their vehicles–practically bringing it down to the likes of those seen from superminis.

This hybrid-toting C-Class line is expected to launch officially by
late 2013. The demanding targets for CO2 emission levels necessitates
the move to include such technology in all of the models in the range.
Some sources say that there’s one diesel model that is eyeing 100g/km
for its average emission target. There will be a petrol model that is
targeting something between 110 and 120 g/km.

Downsized power plants, hybrid transmissions, reduced friction in the
wheel bearings, gearbox and engine, and reduced overall vehicle weight
are all keys to achieving the lofty emissions targets of the upcoming
C-Class vehicles. Some early prototypes are already undergoing testing.

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