BRABUS magic on the SLS AMG

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Lots of carbon fiber makes for a really lightweight car. And for something’s that’s already lightweight and has supercar performance, the SLS AMG might seem an unlikely candidate for modification. But not for Brabus. They came up with their very own take on what an SLS AMG should be, and that’s lighter, and faster, anywhere.

But first they had to make it more aerodynamic and had to tune its
suspension. For that they added loads of carbon fiber components, ultra
light forged alloys, Ride Control suspension, titanium exhaust system
with bypass gate, and of course, for their final touch, their very own
brand of Brabus leather.


The kind of carbon fiber they used is comparable to the type in use
in Formula 1. They design each aerodynamic component using their very
own wind tunnel (hard core stuff). Of course, for the discerning
customer, they’ll be happy to match these components with your SLS AMG’s


The Brabus spoiler up front reduces lift at high speeds to give you
all the confidence of a Formula 1 driver. The host of air inlets and
outlets makes your SLS AMG a living, breathing hotrod. Of course, you
won’t mind a little flair with lighted Brabus letterings on your door
sills. It’ll help take the edge off as you master the Ride Control
system of 20 and 21 inch wheels.


Finally, the engine–the original 6.3-liter V8 is now getting its
finishing touches. You’ll just have to wait and see how this baby fares
on the open road. Hell, to hear it’s titanium exhaust is enough to make
the hairs on the back of your neck stand.

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