C63 AMG Coupe to enter power war soon

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Guess what, people? Mercedes-Benz is now planning to offer an AMG version of the upcoming C-Class Coupe. Coming from AMG insiders themselves, the company is planning on making this one a direct rival of the BMW M3, as well as the Audi RS5. It looks like there’s more hatred than it seems between these fellow German premium car players. And now that the performance war is in its early rounds, Mercedes-Benz will be calling this model the C63 AMG Coupe. But it’ll supposedly be available only late next year.

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Just to squash all the rumors of cannibalization, Mercedes-Benz will
not apply its downsizing trend on the future AMG variants of the
upcoming C-Class. This means that they won’t be hacking the 6.2 liter
naturally-aspirated V8 in place of their new 5.5 liter twin-turbo V8.
Although their new engine offers a great deal more in terms of
efficiency, the old engine just seems to a be a lot more appropriate
when going up against Bimmers and Audiphiles.

Here’s more. According to AMG insiders, the 6.2 liter V8 N/A is going
to be a lot more powerful than what is currently available. We’re
talking around 457 to 480 horsepower with AMG’s Performance Package, as
compared to the M3’s 420 hp and the RS5’s 450 hp. It’s as good as it
gets, baby. Power’s going to be directed by a seven-speed multi-clutch
tranny. That ought to keep its rivals at bay.

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