First B-class F-cell Delivered in California

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fcellpatten First B class F cell Delivered in California
In California, actor and tennis player Vance Van Patten received one of the first B-Class F-Cell cars being promoted by Mercedes-Benz. A beaming Vance received the keys to one of only 70 vehicles up for lease, making it a very exclusive platform. The official handover happened at the newly renovated dealership of Fletcher Jones Mercedes-Benz in Newport Beach.

Quoted Van Patten, Executive Director of the Producers Guild of
America, “As a long-time environmental advocate and supporter of
sustainable production and eco-friendly transport, I’m thrilled to be
driving a vehicle that I believe represents the future of
environmentally thoughtful transportation — not only does it have zero
emissions, but it also provides me with all of the safety technology one
expects from Mercedes-Benz.”

Paying $850 per month for this exclusivity gives you access to the
cutting-edge technology of EVs and over the next three years, other will
lessees will receive vehicles such as these. The select few’s driving
and usage habits will be collected and analyzed by Mercedes-Benz to
improve the platform.

The 54-mpg F-CELL isn’t intended nor ready for mass sale, but the
lease program is part of ongoing development work for better, more
fuel-efficient alternative fuel cars from Mercedes-Benz.

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