Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Have Bright Future

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MBFcell 597x395 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Have Bright Future

Together with a car manufacturer’s consortium and hydrogen suppliers, the Japanese government has announced plans to coordinate plans of introducing fuel cell vehicles to the general public.

A joint statement from Toyota, Honda and Nissan promised that
beginning in 2015, the three manufacuters, in cooperation with 10
hydrogen suppliers such as Idemitsu and Tokyo Gas would roll out
mass-produced fuel cell vehicles in four major urban areas. This
statement was issued at Japan’s Ministry of Trade and Industry. For its
part, the Japanese government has declared that it will support the
mass introduction of fuel cell vehicles in 2015 and more penetration
beyond it and will take the necessary actions to support the

It was in September of 2009 that the German government, together with
several private companies announced plans for a similiar hydrogen
network to be established by 2015. A memorandum was signed by the German
government with eight industrial partners that included Linde,
Daimler, Total and Shell.

Car manufacturers claim that they expect future FCVs to be less
expensive which would help drive sales by 2015 and beyond. Fuel cell
vehicle manufacturers have promised to have ‘several hundred thousand’
fuel cell powered-vehicles on the roads of Germany by then. Japan and
Germany should then have hydrogen fuelling networks with stations in
major cities.

With this developments, Mercedes-Benz F-cell vehicles seem to have a leg up on the competition at the moment.

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