InCar Hotspot Wireless Access Now Includes GLK-Class

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1024 hotspot 597x408 InCar Hotspot Wireless Access Now Includes GLK Class
Mercedes-Benz has now included in its list of InCar Hotspot-enabled vehicles its GLK-Class SUV. Previously, only the the GL-Class (X164), the M-Class (W164) C-Class (W/S204), the CL-Class (C216), the E-Class (W/S212) and S-Class (W/V221) cars had this unique accessory available. Seven Mercedes-Benz models can now be equipped with wireless net access for people who simply cannot be out of touch from the Internet for long.

As with the kits for the other vehicle models, four devices, such as a
laptop, smartphone, iPod touch and any other wireless-enabled device
can be accommodated simultaneously. Signals from the network are
received by the car’s antenna, which are channeled to a router
specifically designed for automotive applications. Paired with a
data-enabled SIM card, the system provides a wireless Internet
connection inside the moving vehicle. Data transmission standards
supported by this system include HSDPA, UMTS and GSM / EDGE. It goes
without saying that connectivity and bandwidth are network-dependent
variables and may vary from location to location. The retrofit kit for
the GLK is part number A204 900 5705 and costs around $1,200 without

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