Liquefied petroleum gas tech now on the Sprinter

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Mercedes Benz Sprinter 803034 1475140 2362 1182 10A1209 635x318 597x298 Liquefied petroleum gas tech now on the Sprinter

Something special will be rolling out the Mercedes-Benz production lines later this month. The Sprinter 316 LGT (liquefied gas technology) is the company’s latest addition to its range of alternative drive systems, soon to be incorporated on passenger vans and cars wearing the BlueEFFICIENCY badging.

This new Sprinter variant has been designed to create exceptionally
low emission to comply with Euro 5 standards. Its four banger petrol
engine creates very low noise, and even with a displacement of 1.8
liters, runs very well with liquefied petroleum gas. LPG creates
virtually zero particulates, hence the extremely low levels of emission,
especially when compared against diesel engines which generally have
high amounts of particulates in their exhaust. In comparison with
gasoline engines, these are capable of producing 20 percent less carbon
dioxide emissions, as well as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and sulphur

The Sprinter 316 LGT is quiet and eco-friendly, making it the best
vehicle for delivery work in areas where traffic has been reduced. And
because of its strict compliance with emission standards, it will be
able to penetrate even urban areas with tight access restrictions. With
less fuel costs, it can bring up operating costs savings to about 30

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