MR Car Design Contributes Its Vision For The SL65 AMG

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MR Car Design of Germany has turned its design expertise to tuning the pre-facelift Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG.

In its latest program for this hardtop roadster, MR Design’s exterior kit includes a lightweight carbon fiber hood sourced from Kicherer and the rear diffuser section derived from the 2009 SL 65 AMG. As with most wheel combinations nowadays, shiny 20-inch wheels from Carlsson make up the major features of the exterior kit. Detail features like smoked turn signals and custom-made Black Series gauge dials for the interior make up the styling kit.

In the go department, this German tuner was able to find another 80 horsepower from the biturbo V12 by fine-tuning the ECU and adding a tuned sports exhaust. Output now is nearer the 700 horsepower mark (692 exactly). Not that the original 612 horsepower was something to be scoffed at. An electronic lowering module lessens this SL65 AMG’s ride height by 30mm, which is a positive thing, considering that MR Car Designs has also removed the speed limiter. The lowered height will make for a more stable ride when owners who buy this tuning kit decide to try out the car’s more extreme velocities.

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