Merc Presents Aesthetics 125 Sculpture

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Aesthetics125 3 597x395 Merc Presents Aesthetics 125 Sculpture

Mercedes-Benz has officially unveiled a sculpture that highlighted the kick-off for the brand’s celebrations of the 125th birthday of the automobile. The sculpture, named “Aesthetics 125,” is said to be the embodiment of the Mercedes-Benz philosophy that states “design is art.”

Fans and enthusiasts can look at the sculpture as a prelude of things
to come, saying that Aesthetics 125 represents the direction toward
which the company’s design language will be headed in the future.
According to the automaker, the sculpture is a combination of the
“elements of an automobile’s interior and exterior by means of sweeping,
almost soaring shape transitions.”

Using something called “innovative rapid-prototyping technology,”
Mercedes-Benz was able to render the digital makeup of the object and
then transfer it directly to a physical form. “The technology works with
various materials and applies them in fine layers so that no waste
material is produced when a sculpture is created,” according to a
statement released by the company.

Over 1,400 people, guests of the 125th anniversary celebrations, were
in attendance to witness the unveiling of Aesthetics 125. In addition,
the company also announced that they have patented a new battery
technology that would be pivotal in the evolution of the lithium-ion

The new Aesthetics 125 sculpture
The new Aesthetics 125 sculpture
The new Aesthetics 125 sculpture
The new Aesthetics 125 sculpture

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