Mercedes-Benz Introduces Swarovski Embellished Keys

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German automaker Mercedes-Benz and the creator of the Aurora Borealis crystal effect, have presented to the public the result of their partnership. This is a car key embellished with over 200 fine Swarovski Elements that gleem alongside the Mercedes-Benz star. According to Dirk Reimelt, project leader at Business Innovation, this partnership unites two world-class brands that constantly sets standards with their products. The two companies are well known for their excellent quality products, creativity and fascinating designs, which make the team-up perfect.

The main design was developed between Mercedes-Benz in Japan and Swarovski in Austria, primarily to satisfy Japanese lifestyle and fashion preference. The sides of the key are set with crystals, having an option of pink or black. All the keys are carefully hand-crafted by Swarovski. 800 units of this limited edition keys will primarily be available for their clients in Japan. The inspiration of enhancing the Mercedes-Benz keys with Swarovski Elements started at Daimler’s very own – Business Innovation Community.

The company is very pleased to work with Swarovski to bring to life the outstanding idea of their staff. After its initial release in Japan, the project would be considered to be released in other markets. This amazing fashion accessory is available to Mercedes-Benz clients together with two regular extra keys at an added cost of 367 euros.

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