Mercedes-Benz to Break Out Integrated Ad Campaign for New CLS

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newCLS 597x447 Mercedes Benz to Break Out Integrated Ad Campaign for New CLS

As Mercedes-Benz prepares for the celebration of the automobile’s 125th birthday on January 29, the German automaker has revealed that it will also launch its integrated advertising campaign for the new CLS coupe.

The automaker is keen on putting the CLS on the forefront of
consumers’ awareness, with the campaign encompassing practically all
types of media. You’ve got a TV spot, extensive print ads, pre-roll ads
and even some Internet-based marketing. To engage the people, there are
also some interactive marketing activities in store for those who
eagerly await the CLS.

Of course, there’s the omnipresent TV ad, which shows just how
alluring the new CLS is. Films showing online and on movie theaters are
also part of the campaign. The print component involves 12 different ads
that aim to hype up the vehicle’s visual appeal and other qualities.
Netizens can also log on to view an interactive web special, featuring a
short story penned by Joey Goebel.

“With the launch of this model in October 2004 Mercedes-Benz
established a bold, new vehicle concept and the new version builds on
this with its exciting design and refined sportiness”, said
Mercedes-Benz Cars Head of Brand Communications Anders Sundt Jensen.

“On top of this, the coupé offers even greater efficiency, agility
and safety than before. Every driver of the new CLS will be able to feel
this perfect combination of sensuality and sense which makes this such
an unique vehicle. And that is what we focus on in the campaign.” The
new CLS showcases the fusion of fuel economy and power, a fitting
tribute on the day the automobile was born.

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