Mercedes Adds InCar Hotspots To GL-Class And M-Class

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InCar Hotspot Mercedes Adds  InCar Hotspots To GL Class And M Class

For the Mercedes-Benz owner who needs it, the company now offers the InCar Hotspot: Wireless Internet access for the GL-Class and M-Class cars. Originally, InCar Hotspot was made available by Mercedes for the C-Class (W/S204), the CL-Class (C216), the E-Class (W/S212) and S-Class (W/V221). The two new kits that have been made available expand that range to include the GL- and M-Classes.

In operation, internet data signals are received through a special
antenna. The InCar kit provides an automotive-specific wireless router,
which, when paired with a data-enabled SIM card, provides a wireless
Internet connection inside the vehicle. The system can handle up to four
wireless-enabled devices (eg laptop, mobile phone), simultaneously
connecting them to the Internet. The Mercedes-Benz InCar hotspot system
supports the highest data transmission standards, such as HSDPA, UMTS
and GSM / EDGE. Installation of the kit is behind the side panel in the
trunk. The kit for retrofitting the InCar hotspot in the GL-and M-Class
is part number B6 099 7824 and costs in the neighborhood of $1300,
labor not included.

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