Modified C63 AMG Boasts Of 900 Horsepower

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Car enthusiasts being what they are, it is not really a surprise when a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG owner decides that 450 horsepower is not enough. In this case, owner Keith Brantley contracted Modern Horsepower (MHP) to remake his C63 AMG. The resulting package, nicknamed the Red Brown Arrow, is touted to be the world’s fastest C63 AMG.

To be able to lay claim to this title, MHP installed their Stage 3CMR Package, which reworks the naturally-aspirated V8 to enable it to develop 652 horsepower and 595 lb-ft of torque, for a gain of 201HP and 152 lb-ft over the production AMG C63. Not stopping there, the tuner also fitted a nitrous oxide system that temporarily boosts maximum power to 900HP. At a quarter-mile track, the car was shown to do 0 to 60 mph in 3.04 seconds and on to 100 mph in 6.19 seconds. Its 60 to 130 mph time of 6.59 seconds is 1.2 seconds faster than a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. It has already bested a Corvette ZR-1 and a Porsche Carrera GT in a standing mile event and has been timed at 10.41 seconds for the 1/4 mile.

For the owner, the next step is to install a better cam, larger nitrous jets and higher performance tires. Looks like the upgrade bug has bit Mr. Brantley. It will be interesting how far down the upgrade path he can take his C63 AMG.

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