Most powerful AMG yet courtesy of MKB

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What’s the best thing about tuners? Is it the radical body kits that they slap on a car? Or is it the sophisticated interior that totally transforms a vehicle inside out? Well, maybe for some, yes. But for most auto enthusiasts, the real worth of a tuner is in their ability to bring out the best in a vehicle’s stock engine. And for Mercedes-Benz tuner MKB, nothing comes closer to that than their latest creation.

The car in question is a Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series. These
Swabian engineers added not 100 nor 200 horsepower to its 670hp engine
but 345 horses, bringing up the total power to an unbelievable 1,015hp.
Of course, you’re going to ask how much torque are delivered to its rear
wheels. MKB’s answer is an astounding 1,300 Nm torque, electronically
limited to prevent mechanical damage to the engine.


If you’re thinking you can just bring your SL 65 AMG Black Series to
MKB and ask them to work their magic, you have to understand that it
involves a major engine conversion. These guys are known for
transforming ordinary both sports and luxury cars into Autobahn addicts.
Their creations reach speeds wherein jet fighters would have already
retracted their landing gear. And no, there haven’t been any news of
their cars taking off–not without wings at the least.


How are they able to reach such speeds without launching off the
ground? Through downforce engineering. And so enough said. Enjoy the
pictures, guys. Because you likely won’t be able to catch a glimpse of
this beast on the road, not unless you’re driving a Veyron.


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