New BlueTEC engine and cutting-edge safety systems for the S-Class

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The S350 is a fine vehicle. And it’s made even better with its BlueTEC engine. This car has both safety and comfort sprawled all over it and the performance of a super car. Powered by a V8 that uses fuel like a mid-sized sedan, it’s one of the most efficient, yet sizable and agile, premium cars there is. Its EPA has been improved to 6.8 litres per 100 kilometers, bumping up effiency by 0.8 liters from the previous model. It also exhales less carbon dioxide emission by as much as 11 percent less than its predecessor, from 199 to 177 grams per kilometer.

With efficiency well-established, the BlueTEC engine is capable of
delivering 258 hp and 620 Nm of torque, as compared to its predecessor’s
235 hp rating. You’ll be able to accelerate from zero to a hundred in
merely 7.1 seconds, while having an electronically limited top speed of
250 km/h. You can’t really ask for more than that for a diesel-powered
luxury car. There simply won’t be enough road in the city.

The deal behind BlueTEC diesel technology is reduction of emissions,
especially nitrous oxides, from diesel. The engine injects an aqueous
urea compound called AdBlue® into the exhaust stream that releases
ammonia, which naturally breaks down up to 80 percent of nitrogen oxides
turning it into nitrogen gas and water, both harmless to the
environment, for further processing in the SCR (Selective Catalytic
Reduction) catalytic converter. The end result? Absolute compliance with
2014 Euro 6 standards. You can’t get any cleaner and greener than that.

Coupled with Mercedes-Benz’s Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active
Blind Spot Assist systems, BlueTEC technology puts the S350 at the top
post of its class.

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