Official photos leaked of the 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS

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Lend us your eyes and ears! As promised, here are the latest images of what the next-gen CLS will look like. These seem to be official press release photos that have been leaked a few days before the official unveiling. These particularly highlight the new CLS’ powerful aura, especially with its new fascia that takes a lot of styling cues from the SLS AMG.

Take a close look and you might start thinking what we’re
thinking–that these pictures may give us hints on what the future CLS’
AMG version with its full sports package will look like. As shown in
the pictures, the CLS 350 seems like it’s a Sport version with an AMG
body kit. If it isn’t, then at least you can see how refined the CLS
evolved. Smooth, powerful lines that are almost alien, intimidating
headlights and taillights that will just stop you in your tracks.
These small details are what defines the new CLS and gives it a
heavily distinct character when even compared with the current CLS.


Step inside and you shall feel ever so privileged. The center console
that stretches from front to rear gives a level of exclusivity that
are of high semblance with the E-Class and S-Class range. All in all,
the next CLS is all set to be the favorite among all Mercedes-Benz
favorites. That, we’re quite sure of.


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