Pagani Zonda in a different color

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paganizonda75003 597x422 Pagani Zonda in a different color

Do you know what a Pagani Zonda is? Well, for starters, it’s a supercar–a very expensive supercar. And then, under its hood is a Mercedes-Benz sourced engine. So that says a lot of the quality of its powerplant. Power delivery? Well, you can’t really expect a supercar to behave like a MINI Cooper, now do you? Of course, it’s loud, and that’s all part of what makes it a fun supercar. And did we tell you that it’s expensive.

Then here comes a one-off special edition Pagani Zonda that nevertheless tames down the unforgiving appearance of the conventional, and highly expensive, model. Yes folks, that’s pink or light violet that you’re seeing that’s clinging onto the Z. Still, this particular Zonda is no damsel.

The creator named it the 750, which comes from another Pagani, the Cinque, whose production was limited to five units. What’s different about this Zonda is its redesigned rear window and the large overhead fauxhawk air inlet. Power is going to be pegged at around the 750-hp mark, made possible by a 7.3-liter V12 engine.

So who commissioned this particular Zomba? A certain millionaire in the Middle East. It’s no surprise, really, judging from the choice of color. A stark contrast to the Zonda’s real power.

paganizonda75001 60x60 Pagani Zonda in a different color
paganizonda75003 60x60 Pagani Zonda in a different color
paganizonda75002 60x60 Pagani Zonda in a different color

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