Romeo Ferraris transforms the Mercedes C63 AMG

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romeo ferraris plays with the mercedes c63 amg medium 1 597x397 Romeo Ferraris transforms the Mercedes C63 AMG

Yet another tuning company plays around with the ever-so versatile Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. And this time, it’s none other than Italian tuning corp Romeo Ferraris. Nope, it’s not Enzo Ferrari’s brainchild, but this company sure does know its way around making cars more awesome. Why is that? Well, simply because they have connections with the racing scene. Simply put, they know what they’re doing.

What they did is add a completely new exhaust system to the 6.2-liter naturally-aspirated engine. They also remapped its ECU, bumping up the power from 457hp all they way to 540hp. This shaves off about half a second from the vehicle’s zero to sixty sprint, making it just barely 4 seconds. Zero to 200 km/h takes just merely 12.5 seconds. Top speed? Over 300 km/h. You had to ask.

At first glance, you’ll notice the 18-inch Arcasting GTR alloys. Those are racing wheels you’re looking at folks, weighing merely 10 kilos each. And those tires are Yokohama Advan Sports. The car is riding on racing shock absorbers with ride height adjustability (compression, extension, calibration) and of course, lowering springs that puts it 50mm closer to scraping the road. Finally, safety comes in the form of Brembo six-pot calipers for both front and rear.

Yes, we know you’re eager to put yourself in the driver’s seat. But for now, just drool at the photos.

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