Sketch Of New A-Class Makes The News

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Recognizing the younger generation as a demographic that will shape the future of the company, Mercedes is conceptualizing new models of the A- and B-Class that will appeal to this group. A large part of this will be dramatic styling that will be a departure from the staid-looking models that have, for a long time, been the mainstay of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

An illustration of the upcoming A-Class has been released, showing aggressive lines and a youth-orientated design that may offend old schoolers but will definitely appeal to the target demographic. As with the rumored B-Class, the new compact A-Class will draw a lot of styling cues from the F800 concept.

If current Mercedes powertrain offerings are any indication, the A-class will probably have gas, petrol and hybrid engines available when it is launched. It is also reasonable to expect a hot-hatch version that will be tuned by performance division AMG.

Mercedes is expected to unveil the A-Class concept car in April at the Shanghai Auto Show. Leading up to that event, we can expect more details on the new A-Class to leak through.

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