Smart Foryou Lets You Customize Your Fortwo

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smart foryou 597x398 Smart Foryou Lets You Customize Your Fortwo

People love adding their own personalized touch on the things they own–from custom laptop and phone skins to the stickers and posters on their bedroom walls, it’s all about self-expression. Now, prospective smart fortwo owners will also get that degree of customization thanks to the smart foryou program that should help make that already-unique car even more exclusive.

Of course, the drawback is that only customers from the UK will be able to avail of this customization program at the moment. They can go for a wide range of exterior graphics to be applied on the body panels as well as on the tridion safety cell. Design choices include “Double Sport Stripe,” “Rainbow,” “Modern Flame” and “Flying Flag.”

While private and fleet customers have access to the new service, the potential can really be seen when it comes to business and advertising, as owners can also use their own graphics to promote their companies or brands.

“Many owners see their smart as an extension of their personality and smart foryou allows them to show this to full effect.The added style of smart foryou optimises owners’ enjoyment of their cars but for business users it can be an invaluable addition to their company, providing a very cost-effective means of advertising that is both mobile and very eyecatching,” said Mercedes-Benz Cars UK Managing Director Gary Savage.

You can check out the online configurator program by visiting

 smart foryou 60x60 Smart Foryou Lets You Customize Your Fortwo

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