Spy Photo: 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class At The Ring

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2012 mercedes benz c class coupe 22 4caa545553c96 1280x1024 597x335  Spy Photo: 2012 Mercedes Benz C Class At The RingMercedes has released statement that the latest C-Class Coupe is geared to join its vehicle range when the C-Class is presented for its mid-cycle update in 2011. The latest photo at the Nurburgring in Germany shows that its testing phase is in its last stages.

The current rendering presents a look at the would-be styling for the latest coupe, but photos of what is perceived to be a bright-orange crash-test coupe, spied a couple of months ago, shows few differences.

One of the most substantial change is the up-kicked line at the base of the C-pillar, a slight difference in contrast to the sharp corners of Mercedes’ other new coupes.

While only a few changes can be seen in the crash test car, different spy photos of a heavily camouflaged C-Class Coupe show that modifications would include wider wheel arches, much deeper character line that goes along the profile and the automobile’s latest headlight design.

The latest spy photos of the C-Class Coupe at the famous Nurburgring circuit displays that Mercedes is still concealing its C-pillar.

With regards to the US industry paper, Automotive News, Mercedes-Benz US CEO Ernst Lieb stated that broadening the C-Class line is the only solution to match the likes of BMW, which provides sedan, coupe, convertible and wagon versions of the 3 Series.

He also added that, “Mercedes will have an opportunity to meet our competitors at their own game. Everybody wants to be Mercedes-Benz. They’re after us in the S- and E-Class segment. With C-Class, we’re sitting with a four-door sedan and not doing anything else. Now we will go into segments where competitors are strong.”

The latest Coupe will also add a different option for ‘lifestyle’ buyers, joining the currently released Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe. Styling is anticipated to follow of its sedan line, with confirmed Coupe-specific changes.

Mercedes-Benz has delivered no details on the C-Class Coupe’s powerplants. The engines are predicted to be used throughout the C-Class line, which includes an AMG variant driven by the carmaker’s latest 5.5 litre V8. The German company’s new 4.6 litre V8 and 3.5 litre V6 is also expected to feature.

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