Spy Photo: Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster

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Mercedes Benz 26101010541517831600x1060 597x395 Spy Photo: Mercedes Benz SLS RoadsterSpy photo show a closer look on the Mercedes-Benz’s drop-top roadster without much of its usual camouflage. Taken while doing its test drives in Germany with its roof down. With regards to its performance, the convertible should be a little short in contrast to the old model, due to few additional kilos in the roof’s mechanism and body strengthening. Under the new SLS’ hood would be a similar 564bhp 6.2 litre V8 engine similar to the older model.

The vehicle is expected to go from 0-62 mph at around four seconds. The vehicle boasts of a fabric hood that is electrically operated, comparable to the material and make of the E-Class convertible’s roof. The most significant distinction between the SLS and the new drop-top model is the exclusion of the original vehicle’s gullwing doors

The pricetag is expected to be a bit higher, having at least 10 percent mark-up in contrast to the regular coupe, which should put it to a little over £170,000. According to sources, the SLS Roadster is likely to be presented to the public in the late summer of 2011, through the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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