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Yes, we know you’re a Mercedes-Benz fan. Which is exactly the reason why you’re here and about to read about another fan who goes by the name of the SLS AMG Reporter. Cool, huh? And in this video report, he covers Mercedes-Benz’s latest design guardian, none other than Gorden Wagener. The man behind the genius that is combining what’s new and what has been deemed as classic elements of the Mercedes-Benz pedigree.

Wagener’s job is no easy task, as it involves carefully keeping the balance between innovation, and brand heritage. It’s his job to make eyes pop and jaws drop on the streets as the latest Mercedes-Benz glides majestically over the urban landscape. It’s also his job to turn prospective buyers into clients, as well as keep loyalty amongst the millions of owners currently parenting a Mercedes-Benz. So to sum it all up, it’s all about creating love the brand that we all love so much.

Don’t be mistaken–Wagener is no Olympic gymnast. He manages his job by simply doing what he does best–designing world-class premium vehicles. See enough of his work and you’ll be able to recognize it automatically on the Mercedes-Benz cars currently rolling on the streets. That kind of power–putting though from paper to metal–is what keeps him in his post. So enough talk and listen to the man himself in this exclusive video.

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