The new A-Class to feature E-CELL technology

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Mercedes Benz A Class E Cell 2 edited 597x398 The new A Class to feature E CELL technology

After the company’s success with the B-Class F-CELL with its fuel cell technology, the company of SLS AMG fame now brings forth the A-Class E-CELL as the second electric car to be placed under full production. Why compare the B-Class E-CELL with the SLS AMG? Simple–the SLS AMG has its own E-CELL variant. Thus, our mentioning of the Gullwing supercar.

The new five-seater’s electric motor will be powered by batteries, fulfilling the vehicle’s requirements for family use on a day-to-day basis. The new A-Class will be based on the current five-door platform, and will showcase generous enhancements to both its interior and exterior dimensions, as well as the luggage compartment for maximum ergonomics.

Absolutely nothing has been left to compromise the vehicle in terms of spaciousness and versatility, especially with the advent of compact storage batteries that will be located in an extremely well-protected area that saves space. The battery pack is made using extremely efficient lithium-ion technology, giving you a maximum travel distance of 200 kilometers, according to the NEDC.

The electric motor is completely silent and emissions free, which makes for extreme stealth that may startle pedestrians or simple bystanders in the parking lot. With a maximum output of 70kw (95hp) and 290Nm, it’s more than enough to ferry you around the busy urban landscape.

Only 500 of these will be purposely built at Mercedes-Benz’s Rastatt plant starting autumn of this year. You can expect them to reach dealerships in Germany, France and the Netherlands. And yes, they’re all European countries. So much for Uncle Sam’s Mercedes fans. Well, at least you can check out its video.

Video: The A-Class E-CELL

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