The next-generation SLK bares its top

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2012 mercedes slk teased electrochromic roof 25175 1 597x370 The next generation SLK bares its top

What was it about the current SLK that enticed buyers to shell out money for it? Small size? Maybe. Strong engine? Definitely. These characteristics very well say that big things come in small packages. And without doubt, the SLK is one of the most fun and and alluring compact roadsters around. And it doesn’t end there.

The picture above shows you the top view of the 2012 Mercedes SLK. Yes, we’ve noticed that instead of a conventional metal roof, a glass panel sits. That’s what Mercedes-Benz calls the Magic Sky Control. Why such a name? Well, because it’s magic! It’s actually an electrochromic panel that can be set to take on either a completely transparent or darkened shade, all at the touch of a button and in a matter of a few seconds. This panel is resistant to both UV rays and infrared light even in transparent mode, so the interior stays cool even under the midday sun. Cool, huh? Tests have proved that it’s even more effective than the usual green glass. When you shut the ignition off, the panel darkens automatically.

Yes, we’re amazed and yes, we’re highly anticipating. We’re sure you are as well. This is the first time such a technology is ever going to exist. And it’s one of the assets that will surely make the up-and-coming SLK a must-have.

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