U500 Unimog Shows Versatility As A Snowplow

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12A58 597x396 U500 Unimog Shows Versatility As A Snowplow

Business and municipal operators keep on finding new uses for Mercedes’s evergreen Unimog, and this time it’s for use as an all-year round snowplow and emergency operations vehicle. This particular Unimog was ordered by Felsenau authorities with the optional 4-wheel steering system. With 4?wheel steering, the Unimog becomes considerably more manoeuvrable with its turning circle reduced by 30 percent. This capability became particularly useful when a recent snowstorm laid on 10 meters of snow on the mountain roads of Vorarlberg in Austria.

Before the availability of 4-wheel steering, there was a need to to
clear extra bays into a bend in order to achieve the necessary turning
radius. Needless to say, the process wasted valuable time and
necessitated complex manoeuvres. Seeing the need for this special
capability, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks developed and now offers this
technology for all Unimog, Econic and similar Mercedes vehicles.

Content provided by BenzInsider.com

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