Unimog Versatility Demonstrated In Scaffolding Business

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Unimog trailer 597x396 Unimog Versatility Demonstrated In Scaffolding Business

Apart from being the top choice of overland adventure types, the Unimog can be found all over the globe, performing duties which make full use of its unique strengths and capabilities.

In Sonthofen, Germany, the Unimog’s dependability and versatility has inspired a company specializing in scaffolding to use these burly Mercedes trucks exclusively. Schneider Ltd., has been supplying churches, hospitals, schools, industrial buildings and mountain railway stations with platforms up 50 meters high for three decades, and one of the company’s key operations is renting out self-propelling aerial lifts.

To this end, the company’s Unimogs have been outfitted with ball
and jaw type trailer couplings for various types of trailers,
compressed air connections, flatbed winches and implements for
winter service.

With its off-road capabilities, maneuverability,
handling and narrow 2.2 meter width, the Unimogs are uniquely suited for
the requirements of the Sonthofen-based company. The way it
deals with the mountainous terrain and inaccessible construction sites
found in the company’s operating area make Unimogs the logical choice. The fact that they look great? That’s just a bonus!

Content provided by BenzInsider.com

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