Unimog Versatility Results In Fanatical Loyalty

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Mercedes’ Unimog has long been a stalwart workhorse, used for all types of work in plantations, railway lines, emergency services or basically anywhere where a tall, rugged all-terrain vehicle is required. It is a unique vehicle that has garnered an almost fanatical loyalty among its owners and even Brabus has developed its own version of this super work vehicle.

Another regular use for the Unimog is as a snowplow in the winter. With its tall height and superior four wheel drive capabilities, a Unimog set up for snow duties is virtually unstoppable. Autotechnik Seiner, a snow-clearing company based in the Thuringia Ilm district, has been using Unimogs for its jobs of clearing motorways, roads and hiking tracks. Throughout the winter months, the clearing operations are constant and seemingly unending. Jens Seiner, company owner, praises the Unimog’s extreme reliability despite “the incredible amounts of snow. It is perfect for driving through the woods and extremely reliable although its been working for us for almost seven years”. When the snow melts, the U400 is put to work fetching wood or cleaning roads with its mounted water tanks. Swapping out the water tanks for a crane enables it to be used in construction sites or for towing services. With this kind of versatility and reliability, it is no wonder that Unimog owners want to keep their trucks for as long as possible.

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