V8 B-Class Does A Naughty Burnout On The Track

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As everyone on the Internet now knows, Mercedes-Benz gave license to a team of bright young engineers to shoehorn a V8 into a B-Class. Everyone who saw the pictures asked about a video and Mercedes-Benz has now kindly obliged us with a clip of this unique B-Class doing a burnout and launching itself down a road strip. With 385 horsepower produced by an E-Class engine propelling the little B, this contraption created by trainees at Mercedes’ Rastatt facility kicks up a swarm of smoke.

Pictures are not enough to describe how unique this B-Class is.
Starting the engine produces not a quiet whisper of an engine but a
throaty growl that issues a challenge to the cars around it. When the
driver does the burnout, what it really does is smoke the tires so much
that they would melt if the driver does not step off the gas. Launching
the vehicle is an exercise in car control. The engine has so much power
that the car is simply overpowered by the power plant and would go
sideways if you don’t let off the throttle partially.

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