Wider FAB Design SLS AMG Spotted

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fabdesignmercedesSLSAMG wider 597x400 Wider FAB Design SLS AMG Spotted

FAB Design released a package for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG last October, adding more oomph to the already-awesome car and letting it go all out for 611 hp along with a custom body kit. Worldcarfans has just posted a new set of pics that shows a wider treatment of the FAB Design SLS AMG.

The white custom SLS AMG is with Dubai’s Al-nain Class Motors and adds a bit more muscle to the design. The side skirts and quarter panels have been merged, and the front fascia as well as the fenders have been made to look more aggressive.

While there were no details given out about the specs or tech package included in this version, it is safe to say that this widebody tweak is approximate to the 611 horsepower of the FAB Design SLS AMG.

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