AMG Modified a 300 SL Gullwing and it is Awesome

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Ah the 300 SL. What a vision of class, style and performance. The cars a classic, but it existed well before Mercedes and their performance arm ties the not. Honestly that would’ve put it squarely in AMG’s wheelhouse. The SLS AMG is the modern interpretation, but it’ll never really carry the cachet of the original. If only their paths had crossed existed a few years earlier… What would the 300 SL look like?

Well, it turns out that history is stranger than fantasy in this case.

What you’re looking at is the only AMG 300 SL. According to Benz-Insider, the car was originally owned by a Venezualan business man before it returned to Germany in the hands of Freidrich Karl Fick. Fick also happened to be one of the major stakeholders in Mercedes-Benz. As you might expect, a stock 300 SL just wouldn’t cut it.

So, he took it a the group of engineers working at Burgstall, Germany. He told them it needed to be faster than the Porsche 930 2.7 RS and they got to work. They wanted to drop in the classic 6.3-liter V8, but it wouldn’t clear the hood, so they settled with the 280 horsepower 4.5-liter V8. A splash of red paint here, a some body work there… In the end, this car was the most expensive (and fastest, probably) car in Germany. Porsche be damned.

Oh, and those engineers? Well. A few years later they moved the bulk of their operations from Burgstall to Affalterbach. A few years after that they were absorbed into the multinational behemoth that is Mercedes-Benz. History has a way of working things out like that, I guess.

via [BenzInsider]

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