AMG to Release 600+ Horse Power SLS Black Series

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by Adam Pockross

Since just being branded “AMG” isn’t exclusive enough, the purveyors of performance needed to come up with a level of branding that denotes a car as having even higher performance capabilities. And so the Black Series came to be. Now, AMG is spreading the Black Series love to the iconic SLS.

The Black Series treatment has thus far only been available on two door
vehicles, so the SLS is a logical choice. What might perhaps be illogical, though, is how come the SLS wasn’t the first in the Black Series line? Perhaps AMG had been more interested in selling cars than merely making halo cars and paying tribute to the “spiritual successor” of the SLS, the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing.

So far, the Black Series has been reserved for the SLK 55 AMG, the CLK
63 AMG, the SL 65 AMG, and most recently, the C 63 AMG. But now, the
first car to be exclusively developed at AMG will get the exclusive AMG

“We absolutely have to do a Black Series” SLS AMG, Member of the Board
of Directors and Head of Vehicle Development for AMG, Tobias Moers,
recently told Motor Trend.

Typically, Black Series performance enhancements have included weight
reduction, bucket seats and exterior alterations.The SLS AMG Black Series will also have increased engine performance, which will have a minimum output of 610 horsepower, with
handling to match.

The latest reports have suggested that AMG engineers will wrangle the 6.3 liter V8 to
produce around 650-hp. They’ll also drop the weight by adding lightweight carbon fiber
panels. This should bring the 0 to 60 mph time to around 3 seconds while top speed should needle over 200mph!

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series is expected to drop sometime around 2014.

So, will the SLS be the cream of the Black Series crop? Let us know in the forums!

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