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Check this out, folks. We’ve shown you in several posts what the
facelifted C-Class would look like. Based on what you’ve seen, tell us
what you think about these illustrations. Well, they’re not exactly
illustrations. They look more like photographed newspaper clippings of
some sort portraying the facelifted C-Class saloon.

According to Autobild magazine, these images may be the real deal.
But in this industry, and with the washed out appearance these pictures
have, you can’t really be too sure now can you? So take them with a
grain of salt folks. Albeit they do show the facelifted C-Class’
supposedly redesigned L-shaped headlamps and reworked bumper. They even
include images of the dashboard and center console. But anybody with
some skills in Photoshop could easily have come up with them, so as of
right now, the jury is out as to whether these have been officially
sourced from Mercedes-Benz.


Our best guess is that, if these were officially sourced from the
company, they may have come from some sort of promotional material, of
which exact nature we can’t really verify. Still, they do bear striking
semblances with previous renderings. So tell us what you think. Or does
it really matter at all if they’re fake? We’ve got until spring of 2011
to find out until the facelifted C-Class finally makes a public



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